You Loving Me

Written by Cindylou601
Copyright 2013

When I stop to think
Of how we found each other
Its hard to believe
Our cherished friendship
Would blossom
In this way

I never imagined
The completeness in my heart
Was what I’ve been missing always
Your precious heart
And loving smile
Gets me through
Even the darkest days

I know no matter what
That my heart is safe in yours
That each day will be filled
With brightness
Its easily clear to see

I’ve finally received the ultimate gift
A woman could ever ask for
And simply that gift is you
…you loving me


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Undeniable Love

Written by Cindylou601
Copyright 2012

I love you
for so many reasons
Like no other
In my life
I’ve never been
So much in love
As I am with you
And I wish
Oh how I wish
That it didn’t end this way
I trusted my heart in your hands
I truly thought
That you were a gift
I wasn’t going to lose
I wanted forever to be ours
A fairytale romance
That almost became real
I don’t know if I will ever know a love
Like what we had
I cry still
At the thought of you
I want the pain to go away
Never have I wanted something
Or someone
Like I
Why did u not love me enough?
Why did you hurt me?
Why didn’t you need me?
Why did you leave?
Were you really ever mine?
So many questions and hurt to be shared
Any answers
never to be received
I fear that no man
Will ever give me what you did
Yet I know I deserve more
I deserve what you didn’t give me
Bitterness clouds my judgement
So easy to get over you
By releasing my anger
But in my broken heart
That still cries for you
Holds the good times
Not the bad
Embraces the highs
Not the sad
I will always be in love with you
Adore you always…I will
You are only now a memory
Love you forever…ever still

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A place once called home


When I lay awake at night
When I’m alone
I wonder what it would’ve been like
To have you as my own
If I’m having a bad day
When I cry
I wish that you were here with me
Laying by my side

Heaven knows why I love you
Through all the years that passed
Each day seems like forever
Each day just like the last
Come to me
My darlin
Don’t be afraid
Till that day comes
Ill be waiting here
In a place we once called home

He looks at me
I see you in his eyes
He smiles
I remember all the good times
He calls me
Or shouts out my name
he cries
i wish things were the same

Heaven knows why I love you
Through all the years that passed
Each day seems like forever
Each day just like the last
Come to me
My darlin
Don’t be afraid
Till that day comes
Ill be waiting here
In a place we once called home

Copyright  © Cindy West Feb 21, 2016


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James Lynch is a fabulous multi-talented U.S. writer who i’ve been blessed to know and proud to call my friend. His writings are full of passion and honesty and he unselfishly gives incredible ongoing support to his fellow writers.

Whether you’re listening to one of his audio books, reading his blog or book reviews or sharing tweets with him on twitterland … his talent, passion of writing and huge heart will be crystal clear.

I urge you to checkout his links and see for yourself why myself and his fans/friends enjoy his wonderful work.






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Protected: Music and Family – the loves of my life

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Written by Cindylou601
Copyright 2010


– are my rock
– are my weakness
– make me laugh
– make me smile when noone can
– make me feel safe & loved
– protect me from all harm
– know me better than I know myself
– are always in my thoughts and dreams
– mean the world to me
– told me you loved me and it warmed my heart
– know my thoughts, weaknesses and strengths
– give me strength and corage to believe in myself and chase my dreams
– lovingly take on my problems as your own
– put me on the highest pedestal, so close I could touch the clouds
– make me whole
– always know what to say and know when I need to hear it
– fill in the blanks when I’m at a loss of my own words

………. I should have told you.


– kiss your warm lips or hold you tight and it breaks my heart
– be apart from you for too long without missing your loving words
– deny how I feel sometimes
– understand why your heart chose mine
– let go of what we have, losing you would destroy me
– show you or tell you how I really feel or else I’d lose you

………. I should have told you.


– be your friend when you need someone to lean on
– be that person who will always make things “right” when noone else can
– cherish our friendship like precious glass
– be there if you call my name, no matter how far
– tell you “I love you” often especially when needed most
– always know when you’re happy or sad, even when you can’t see it yourself
– walk right beside you on your journey in life, our footprints becoming “one” in the sand
– always love you with my entire soul, you will forever be a part of me

……… I should have told you.

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Written by Cindylou601
Copyright 2010

The old man’s eyes
They could not lie
All his hardships
Sewn into his skin
That he was forced to wear
For so many years
Faith lost
Happiness denied
Became the reason
For his precious tears

He came to accept his fate
Victim to the elements
Victim to society
Victim to economy
A family that won’t talk to him
They’re ashamed at the man
He has become

He can’t remember
The last time he had a hot shower
Or slept in a clean warm bed
Or hugged his children
Or tell them he loved them
He had everything
Now he has nothing
A story only he can share

People walk by
And give him that “look”
That was all too familiar
Trying not to make eye contact

He relied on odd scraps
Left in the alley
Behind restaurants in the east end of town
And the odd time that someone
On the streets
Would throw him a coin or two
He’d get a hot coffee
At the corner variety store

He was walking his usual route
On a friday night
It had become his special place
He made sure he was never followed
The smells from the restaurant
Always so fragnant and inviting

He approached the garbage bin
Being careful
Not to make noise
He opened the bin ever so gently
When he heard the back door open
In the doorway
Was a little boy
Couldn’t have been more
Than 9 yrs old
His mother lovingly
Standing behind him
The young boy
Looked scared and uncertain
As he slowly took 2 steps
Down the small cement staircase…
He stopped
Extended his arms out
Revealing a small cardboard box
That he held in his precious hands
He smiled at the old man
Like only an innocent child can
And said…
“Mister? My name is bobby. I told my mom how I always see you come around. My mom wanted me to give you something, its some leftovers from our dinner tonight, steak, potatoes and her delicious gravy. Its okay..she made lots. Pls take it”

The little boy placed the box on the ground
And went to stand by his mom
Looked at the man and smiled
The old man
Wiped a tear from his eye…
“Thank you” he said “for your kindness to me, I’m so grateful. May God bless you and your family”
He picked up the box
Tipped his raggedy old hat
Smiled at his new angels
And started back
To the deserted building he called “home”

That night, God was smiling down on that little boy, his mother and that old man, and every Friday night after that for a very long time 🙂

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