Written by Cindylou601
Copyright 2010

A mother’s love is pure and honest
Its full of nurturing, protection
Guidance and strength
There are times when they
Often have to hide their own fears
Fear of not doing or saying the right thing
Fear of being responsible
For another human being
When they at times
Can’t even take care of themselves
Fear for their child’s safety
Both in their home and in the outside world
I am a mother of a grown young man
Whom I can proudly say
Is one of the loves of my life
I love him unconditionally
I am here when he needs me..always
Its not an easy job
Being a mother
But I have to say
That it is the most rewarding one
To hold that little child in your arms
When they are first born
Fragile, beautiful and innocent
Ready to begin their journey
That God has given them
Life’s little miracle
Its unexplainable
And we all do our best as mothers
While raising them
To not repeat the same mistakes
That we feel our own mothers made
Throughout our childhood and adult life
No one is perfect
But we hope to be perfect
In our children’s eyes
For even though they disappoint us sometimes
And we disappoint them
Its that unconditional love
That undeniable bond
That forever holds a mother and a child
Together until they are taken from this earth
Your children pull at your heartstrings
Pull at your purse strings
And test your patience
Until you thought nothing remained
Being a mother
Teaches you forgiveness
Makes you proud
When you see them accomplish their dreams
And conquer their fears
The day they get their driving license
Their first girlfriend or boyfriend
The first time they ride their bike
Without you holding onto the seat
The look on their face as they realize
They are riding it all by themselves
For the very first time…priceless
The day they graduate
And start their own journey
So young, still no vulnerable
So in-experienced
But you give them guidance
Expect them to learn from their own mistakes
And tell them
That you are always there when they’ll need you
You’re their biggest fan
You’re their soft place to fall
When you think of your child
When they’re not around
It won’t take much before a happy tear
Rolls down your cheek
And you thank God
For giving you
Such a precious gift
The best gift of all
The gift of life
The gift of a child
The gift of motherhood


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