(Written by cindylou601)
Copyright 2010

You were given to me
As a gift from above
You’ve showered me with pride
And unconditional love

It is you that I go to
For guidance and strength
You taught me to work hard
At whatever I attempt

When I start to show doubt
You remind me I can
For life is a journey
Beside me you stand

Mistakes, I’ve made many
But I own them as mine
That’s the only way to learn
You’ve told me many times

When I rode my first bike
At the school down the street
It was you who were there
To place me on my feet

You’ve worked so hard
To give me what I deserve
But the most precious thing
You gave, was your word

You promised to love me
To always be there
And wipe away my tears
No other dad compares

When you are around
Everything is right
The memories I keep
Tucking me in each night
You’d smile at me lovingly
And wished for sweet dreams
Pulled up my blankets tight
To keep away my fears

To you, I’m your princess
To me, you’re my star
Full of patience and wisdom
The warmth of your kind heart

Your support and your love
Is undeniably true
Forever…Daddy’s Little Girl
Forever…I will love you!


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