Written by Cindylou601
Copyright 2010

Our yearly family BBQ
is supposed to be today
Aunts, uncles, crazy cousins
Even Billy, who always gets his own way

I’m making my special dessert
That daddy says only I can
For its filled with love and tenderness
And ingredients from our glorious land

First I get some mud
From the garden that daddy and God grew
And place it in the old glass dish
That gramma gave, a nice pretty blue

Next come the stones
That I found behind the shed
Some have fossils in them
I think from prehistoric men

Mom said she needed the strawberries
To top her cream-filled cake
But that’s alright, no despair
I’ll put green grass in their place

To give it some flair, I added some sand
And sprinkled it all over top
I truly think this is my best one yet
Maybe even sell it at the corner shop

I really should have a talk with my mom
Cause I’m so not impressed
The gummy worms are in her cake too
I have to use real worms instead

And finally for the piece de resistance
That’s french you know, so I hear
My beautiful dandelions displayed in the center
I’m sure to win pie of the year!

I walk my pie very carefully to the table
Beside the BBQ, over there
Where all of moms cakes and things
Deliciously sit in the brisk autumn air

I place my sign, so everyone knows
Who made this breathtaking creation
It reads “Cindylou’s Dandelion Pie”
Its free, and plenty for the taking

Mom came out, said “Beautiful job my dear!”
She took my hand as I skipped along side her
This baking stuff is easy I thought
I’m going to make a souffle next year!


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