Written by Cindylou601
Copyright 2010

There’s no easy way
To let go of what we love
Life goes on
A sad but honest truth
Nobody understands
I’m all alone
In a crowded room
Why do I still feel noone’s here
I turn the tv on
Just to hear someone else’s voice
A sense of empty comfort
The pain in my heart
Oh I hide it well
Nights are the loneliest times
The quietness
The forgotten souls
Whose memories come alive
When everything is still and vulnerable
I don’t have the courage
To accept what is real
That I’ll never hear your voice again
How you laughed at the little things I said
Made sure I cherished life
When all along you kept your secret
That it was soon “your time”
I could be myself around you
I miss you dearly
Suddenly taken away
I’ll remember the good times
How I was blessed
That you were brought back into my life
A reminder to live each day
As best we can
Because we’re here
Not forever
I feel you’re still with me
As one of my angels
To comfort me
Guide me
You’re still my biggest fan
When I seem to disappoint
The ones that love me
Sometimes I wish I was in that better place
Where there’s no judgement
No hurt
No loneliness
Only love
I’m glad I told you “I love you”
As often as I could
Your memory lives on
Forever in my heart
We’ll be together one day
And I know you’ll wait for me
With loving embrace

Dedicated to my loving cousin who was suddenly taken from us, he is now one of God’s favourite angels, rest in peace my dear xxx miss you dearly

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