Written by Cindylou601
Copyright 2010


– are my rock
– are my weakness
– make me laugh
– make me smile when noone can
– make me feel safe & loved
– protect me from all harm
– know me better than I know myself
– are always in my thoughts and dreams
– mean the world to me
– told me you loved me and it warmed my heart
– know my thoughts, weaknesses and strengths
– give me strength and corage to believe in myself and chase my dreams
– lovingly take on my problems as your own
– put me on the highest pedestal, so close I could touch the clouds
– make me whole
– always know what to say and know when I need to hear it
– fill in the blanks when I’m at a loss of my own words

………. I should have told you.


– kiss your warm lips or hold you tight and it breaks my heart
– be apart from you for too long without missing your loving words
– deny how I feel sometimes
– understand why your heart chose mine
– let go of what we have, losing you would destroy me
– show you or tell you how I really feel or else I’d lose you

………. I should have told you.


– be your friend when you need someone to lean on
– be that person who will always make things “right” when noone else can
– cherish our friendship like precious glass
– be there if you call my name, no matter how far
– tell you “I love you” often especially when needed most
– always know when you’re happy or sad, even when you can’t see it yourself
– walk right beside you on your journey in life, our footprints becoming “one” in the sand
– always love you with my entire soul, you will forever be a part of me

……… I should have told you.

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