Written by Cindylou601
Copyright 2009

You touch my heart
You hold my hand
You wipe my tears
Together we stand

You make me smile
You light up my day
You guard my soul
Together we stay

You let me be me
You show me the way
You erase my fears
Together today

You are my angel
You are my rock
You speak the truth
Together we embark

You make me laugh
You catch me a star
You are a true gift
Together by far

You are the one
You call me friend
You believe in me
Together to the end

I lean on you
You lean on me
Forever in time
Friends….for eternity

My dear friend Mike Taylor, BRILLIANT singer/guitarist/songwriter from South Africa made this poem into a beautiful song, so humbled. He did all the tracks for this song, his daughter sang lead vocal, Mike added harmony…love it…he has it posted currently on his reverbnation site

Mike Taylor “Together


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