Undeniable Love

Written by Cindylou601
Copyright 2012

I love you
for so many reasons
Like no other
In my life
I’ve never been
So much in love
As I am with you
And I wish
Oh how I wish
That it didn’t end this way
I trusted my heart in your hands
I truly thought
That you were a gift
I wasn’t going to lose
I wanted forever to be ours
A fairytale romance
That almost became real
I don’t know if I will ever know a love
Like what we had
I cry still
At the thought of you
I want the pain to go away
Never have I wanted something
Or someone
Like I do..you
Why did u not love me enough?
Why did you hurt me?
Why didn’t you need me?
Why did you leave?
Were you really ever mine?
So many questions and hurt to be shared
Any answers
never to be received
I fear that no man
Will ever give me what you did
Yet I know I deserve more
I deserve what you didn’t give me
Bitterness clouds my judgement
So easy to get over you
By releasing my anger
But in my broken heart
That still cries for you
Holds the good times
Not the bad
Embraces the highs
Not the sad
I will always be in love with you
Adore you always…I will
You are only now a memory
Love you forever…ever still

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4 Responses to Undeniable Love

  1. What a beautiful poem Cindy……very touching. I learned a long time ago never to assume that writing is from personal experience, big no, no. What I wanted you to know is that the emotion you were able to communicate in your writing is so real. Almost anyone can be touched and relate. Truly beautiful! Hugs, Violet

  2. Very nice. Have music for it yet. When you do. Talk to me, we will but it on the air.

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