Written by Cindylou601
Copyright 2009

I lay myself down
On a soft patch of grass
In a field not far from home
Where as a child
I remember innocent dreams
I smile
Not feeling alone

Its you I return to
A place I can go
The wisdom of the trees
A place of my own
My dreams
And my questions
Hopefully answered
One day in time
With a smile from “above”
This precious field of mine

I’ve watched people
Come and go into my life
Each taking
A piece of my heart
I try to stay strong
Put up that high wall
Then watch it
Start falling apart

For its hard to be me
Its hard to feel free
When I don’t know who I am
I don’t think I’m ready
Please give me the strength
Let my heart
Be vulnerable again

Give me someone to share
My dreams, hopes and fears
Shelter me from pain
My soft place to fall
I have so much to give
This true love of mine
Is that too much to ask?
Is that having it all?

So its you I return to
A place I can go
The wisdom of the trees
A place of my own
My dreams
And my questions
Lovingly answered
One day in time
With a smile from “above”
This precious field of mine

This poem is from my heart. When I was a young girl until early teens, there was a quiet place in an abandoned field near my home that I found. It was quiet, it was a place I went to collect my thoughts and dream as all young girls do. Whenever I return there, I feel like I am still that young girl…priceless, staring up at the sky, the stars and shutting the world out. Everyone needs that “place” and this poem celebrates the freedom it gave me to “dream” and “hope”


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Written by Cindylou601
Copyright 2010

There’s no easy way
To let go of what we love
Life goes on
A sad but honest truth
Nobody understands
I’m all alone
In a crowded room
Why do I still feel noone’s here
I turn the tv on
Just to hear someone else’s voice
A sense of empty comfort
The pain in my heart
Oh I hide it well
Nights are the loneliest times
The quietness
The forgotten souls
Whose memories come alive
When everything is still and vulnerable
I don’t have the courage
To accept what is real
That I’ll never hear your voice again
How you laughed at the little things I said
Made sure I cherished life
When all along you kept your secret
That it was soon “your time”
I could be myself around you
I miss you dearly
Suddenly taken away
I’ll remember the good times
How I was blessed
That you were brought back into my life
A reminder to live each day
As best we can
Because we’re here
Not forever
I feel you’re still with me
As one of my angels
To comfort me
Guide me
You’re still my biggest fan
When I seem to disappoint
The ones that love me
Sometimes I wish I was in that better place
Where there’s no judgement
No hurt
No loneliness
Only love
I’m glad I told you “I love you”
As often as I could
Your memory lives on
Forever in my heart
We’ll be together one day
And I know you’ll wait for me
With loving embrace

Dedicated to my loving cousin who was suddenly taken from us, he is now one of God’s favourite angels, rest in peace my dear xxx miss you dearly

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Written by Cindylou601
Copyright 2009

You touch my heart
You hold my hand
You wipe my tears
Together we stand

You make me smile
You light up my day
You guard my soul
Together we stay

You let me be me
You show me the way
You erase my fears
Together today

You are my angel
You are my rock
You speak the truth
Together we embark

You make me laugh
You catch me a star
You are a true gift
Together by far

You are the one
You call me friend
You believe in me
Together to the end

I lean on you
You lean on me
Forever in time
Friends….for eternity

My dear friend Mike Taylor, BRILLIANT singer/guitarist/songwriter from South Africa made this poem into a beautiful song, so humbled. He did all the tracks for this song, his daughter sang lead vocal, Mike added harmony…love it…he has it posted currently on his reverbnation site

Mike Taylor “Together


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Written by Cindylou601
Copyright 2010

A mother’s love is pure and honest
Its full of nurturing, protection
Guidance and strength
There are times when they
Often have to hide their own fears
Fear of not doing or saying the right thing
Fear of being responsible
For another human being
When they at times
Can’t even take care of themselves
Fear for their child’s safety
Both in their home and in the outside world
I am a mother of a grown young man
Whom I can proudly say
Is one of the loves of my life
I love him unconditionally
I am here when he needs me..always
Its not an easy job
Being a mother
But I have to say
That it is the most rewarding one
To hold that little child in your arms
When they are first born
Fragile, beautiful and innocent
Ready to begin their journey
That God has given them
Life’s little miracle
Its unexplainable
And we all do our best as mothers
While raising them
To not repeat the same mistakes
That we feel our own mothers made
Throughout our childhood and adult life
No one is perfect
But we hope to be perfect
In our children’s eyes
For even though they disappoint us sometimes
And we disappoint them
Its that unconditional love
That undeniable bond
That forever holds a mother and a child
Together until they are taken from this earth
Your children pull at your heartstrings
Pull at your purse strings
And test your patience
Until you thought nothing remained
Being a mother
Teaches you forgiveness
Makes you proud
When you see them accomplish their dreams
And conquer their fears
The day they get their driving license
Their first girlfriend or boyfriend
The first time they ride their bike
Without you holding onto the seat
The look on their face as they realize
They are riding it all by themselves
For the very first time…priceless
The day they graduate
And start their own journey
So young, still no vulnerable
So in-experienced
But you give them guidance
Expect them to learn from their own mistakes
And tell them
That you are always there when they’ll need you
You’re their biggest fan
You’re their soft place to fall
When you think of your child
When they’re not around
It won’t take much before a happy tear
Rolls down your cheek
And you thank God
For giving you
Such a precious gift
The best gift of all
The gift of life
The gift of a child
The gift of motherhood


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Written by Cindylou601
Copyright 2010

Our yearly family BBQ
is supposed to be today
Aunts, uncles, crazy cousins
Even Billy, who always gets his own way

I’m making my special dessert
That daddy says only I can
For its filled with love and tenderness
And ingredients from our glorious land

First I get some mud
From the garden that daddy and God grew
And place it in the old glass dish
That gramma gave, a nice pretty blue

Next come the stones
That I found behind the shed
Some have fossils in them
I think from prehistoric men

Mom said she needed the strawberries
To top her cream-filled cake
But that’s alright, no despair
I’ll put green grass in their place

To give it some flair, I added some sand
And sprinkled it all over top
I truly think this is my best one yet
Maybe even sell it at the corner shop

I really should have a talk with my mom
Cause I’m so not impressed
The gummy worms are in her cake too
I have to use real worms instead

And finally for the piece de resistance
That’s french you know, so I hear
My beautiful dandelions displayed in the center
I’m sure to win pie of the year!

I walk my pie very carefully to the table
Beside the BBQ, over there
Where all of moms cakes and things
Deliciously sit in the brisk autumn air

I place my sign, so everyone knows
Who made this breathtaking creation
It reads “Cindylou’s Dandelion Pie”
Its free, and plenty for the taking

Mom came out, said “Beautiful job my dear!”
She took my hand as I skipped along side her
This baking stuff is easy I thought
I’m going to make a souffle next year!


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Written by Cindylou601
Copyright 2010

The afternoon surrendered to night
Minutes seems like hours
Almost worse than what’s going on in my mind

He must be busy at work
Maybe tied up in traffic
Had an unexpected meeting and just forgot to call
There will be a good reason
Just don’t worry
You always do this to yourself
Every time he’s late
But there’s always a good reason…always

I’ll try his cell one more time
An unfamiliar voice answers this time
Sounds like she just woke up
Worry turns to fear
The woman on the other end calls out again
“Hello? Is anyone there?”
I felt like yelling “ya its his wife, who the hell are you?!!”
Terrified and speechless
I just hang up the phone
Now nervousness becomes uncontrollable shaking
This is not what I’m thinking
This is Not what I’m thinking

It’s almost midnight
There’s no way I can go to work today
I feel it in my gut
That this too real
Reasons now seen as lies
Still no word
Still not home
Hours pass
I’m awoken by a key turning the front door lock
Do I race down and confront him?
I choose to lay there
And pretend to be asleep
This is it
My stomach turning
Full of uncertainty

He walks into the room
Quietly so as not to awake me
Is he thankful to be home?
Or just glad to see his bed?
Cunningly thinking of his excuse
If I wake up
Of why he is late
And why he just wants to go to sleep

It’s all so clear to me now
I’m too smart for this
Why didn’t I see the signs?
Was I too much in love?
Is there such a thing?
Is it something I did or didn’t do?
I should’ve shown my love more
But he was never here
Not like before
When the passion was hot and undeniable
I’m just confused
And hurt
I can’t let him take my heart like this
Damn him
For turning my life upside down
In one split second

It’s now morning
Blessed with a new day
New adventures
He wakes up
Works his way downstairs
For that first cup of delicious coffee
He knows that his wife has lovingly left for him
Every morning without fault
She’s good that way
The coffee machine isn’t even on
The morning paper isn’t even laid out for him
He sits down at the kitchen table
Still wiping sleep from his eyes
As he notices something
Under the pepper shaker
another love note?
She must be gone out early to work
Probably needs him to pick up something on the way home tonight
he thinks with a smile
Grabbing his glasses
He begins……

“Jeff, last night changed my life and I owe it all to you.
I want to thank you so much
There was a good reason
Why when I called you last night
That another woman answered your cell
I cried for hours
Before I finally fell asleep
And then I thought to myself
You are not worth arboring the pain
So many unanswered questions
God must have brought you into my life
For a good reason
A special reason
To teach me strength and wisdom
When someone has wronged me
To know what true love
Is suppose to feel like
To realize what I deserve in a man
To find courage again
To keep loving myself
To not let anyone’s actions define me
To no matter what..remember that one falls
But a true hero gets right back up again
You taught me everything
But I realized you gave me nothing
I will not let you get the better of me
I’m not sticking around
For more of your lies
You don’t deserve
To see me one last time
To feel my embrace
To receive my love
So I thank you…
Its time to start my new journey
And one day
I will find that precious soul
Who no matter what
Will be my soft place to fall
Will encourage me
Believe in me
Make me laugh
Make me smile
I will trust again
I can say I did love you
But that has vanished
Now placed on a shelf
In my heart for another man one day
Its time for me to get on with my life
For God has given me good reason
And a second chance
To find what I deserve

….The one that got away


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(Written by cindylou601)
Copyright 2010

You were given to me
As a gift from above
You’ve showered me with pride
And unconditional love

It is you that I go to
For guidance and strength
You taught me to work hard
At whatever I attempt

When I start to show doubt
You remind me I can
For life is a journey
Beside me you stand

Mistakes, I’ve made many
But I own them as mine
That’s the only way to learn
You’ve told me many times

When I rode my first bike
At the school down the street
It was you who were there
To place me on my feet

You’ve worked so hard
To give me what I deserve
But the most precious thing
You gave, was your word

You promised to love me
To always be there
And wipe away my tears
No other dad compares

When you are around
Everything is right
The memories I keep
Tucking me in each night
You’d smile at me lovingly
And wished for sweet dreams
Pulled up my blankets tight
To keep away my fears

To you, I’m your princess
To me, you’re my star
Full of patience and wisdom
The warmth of your kind heart

Your support and your love
Is undeniably true
Forever…Daddy’s Little Girl
Forever…I will love you!


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